Useful Resume Writing Tips

It is important to write a resume properly because it will be the first contact between an employer and a potential employee. All prospective candidates need to ask themselves, "How do I want to be remembered?" If they want to be remembered for being organized, neat, structured, interesting and precise, then they need to produce a resume that has the "wow factor"; a resume that stands out above the others that cross the desk of the employer.

Starting with the Summary

When it comes to resume writing, the summary is the first section after the contact details that an employer will read. This is why it is important to highlight your attributes while drawing attention to your qualifications. This section should intrigue an employer and as a result, compel them to read on. Always use descriptive words, not fillers and tailor the summary specifically to the position and company. Focus on the skills that pertain to this open position. Describe why you are good at what you do. Including an objective and goal is not necessary but it could help.

Highlighting Skills and Results

Highlight skills and results rather than merely listing general responsibilities. Telling an employer what you did is vastly different than detailing the skills used and the results that were achieved on the job. When listing a work history or professional experience, always provide the skill (i.e. running a cash register) and the result (i.e. completing the transaction). This is a lot more effective that just saying, "I ran a cash register" for instance. Make sure that every job is listed, no matter how short lived it was; unless of course the resume written is for a high level position and needs to be targeted. When listing a work history, be sure to include the company name, dates employed, location and what the job title was. Responsibilities should be written in point format.

Listing Education, Licenses and Other Skills

When it comes to education, always make sure to list everything in reverse chronological order. Completed degrees and any licenses should be shown first, then key training and certificates. Follow this with education that is on-going or in progress. To give the resume a boost, list any grade point average over 3.5 and any course study that relates to the job position. Remember to include the completion dates of any degrees or courses. The last section should be dedicated to skills. If bilingual, list all other languages that are fluently spoken and/or written. This is the section to list any technical skills, community involvement or professional organizations with which you may be involved.

Final Resume Writing Considerations

Always make sure that you are aware of all the qualifications required for job position that is being applied for. Researching the company and their specific needs will help in producing an effective resume that will highlight the necessary information that an employer will want to see. Proper resume writing format and style should be a top priority as this will be the employer's first impression. The best resumes are short and simple, yet neat and organised.

Always remember to proofread when resume writing and make sure that no important components, qualifications or skills are missing; as well as to check that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Have a look around this website for some more guidance on how to correctly format and style a resume.