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Anaesthesiologist Resume

Anesthesiologist jobs are offered in hospitals and medical practices. The main purpose of the Anesthesiologist is to administer local and more invasive kinds of anesthesia so that patients in surgery will not feel pain or discomfort. A great Anesthesiologist must be well acquainted with all anesthesia, side effects of these, have great communications skills, and work quickly and effectively; as well as have a degree as an Anesthesiologist. If you have all of these qualifications to offer, and are still not getting the positions that you are interested in; you need to work on your Anesthesiologist resume. Below, we give you insight on how to write winning Anesthesiologist resumes.

Oscar Rizzi
1584 Fantages Way
Norway, ME 4268

Career Objective: Responsible and equipped anesthesiologist with impressive working history and extensive accomplishments, my objective is to promote not only safe but healthy and restful surgical operation by carefully deciding which anesthesia to administer to which patient while positively assuring the patients of their safety.


Cardiology, critical care medicine and internal medicine
Ability to work long hours and under pressure without being distracted
Deep understanding of the principles involved in pharmacology and surgery
Ability to blend well with patients from all ages
Strong understanding of regional and local anesthesia

Work Experience:

Sr. Anesthesiologist, July 2009-Present
AML, Waco, TX


Administered post medication to patients who were given general anesthesia to regain back the consciousness.
Determined if the patient is physically and medically fit to be discharged from the hospital
Reviewed the patient's medical history to determine the type of drug to administer.
Interviewed surgical patients and extracted other medication he may be taking that was not included in the medical report.
Discussed the scheduled surgery with patients and laid down the anesthesia options.

Jr. Anesthesiologist, December 2007-May 2009
DGF, Binghamton, NY


Exercised caution in administering pain-killing drugs to patients with histories of diabetes or heart disease.
Coordinated properly with the assigned surgeon and other OR staff during critical operations.
Monitored the patient's vital signals such as heart rhythm, blood pressure and kidney response.
Responded to emergency calls and night calls.
Utilized sophisticated electronic equipments in monitoring vital signs to achieve accurate reports.


Medical Degree in General Medicine
St. Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona, MN

Bachelor Degree in Biology
St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO