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Apartment Manager Resume

Applying for Apartment Manager jobs? An Apartment Manager manages and supervises all administrative and operational responsibilities of an apartment complex. This necessitates the ability to delegate to maintenance staff, communicate well with renters, and juggle a number of significant financial and operational tasks at once. If you are an Apartment Manager, your Apartment Manager resume should reflect this experience and skill set, as well as a possible managerial degree. For more information on how effective Apartment manager resumes are approached, take a look at this section.

Oscar Rizzi
1584 Fantages Way
Norway, ME 4268

Career Objective: Seeking the position as Apartment Manager and contribute to building a name for the company by executing my functions effectively. My objective is to increase the number of tenants by targeting a group of people and tailor the apartment's objectives, mission and vision to the changing needs of the tenants.


• Excellent communication skills
• Strong skills in developing contracts and agreements
• Expert in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Strong negotiation skills
• Efficient and fair apartment rules and regulations

Work Experience:

Apartment Manager, July 2009-Present
AML, Waco, TX


• Introduced promos and packages to attract more renters.
• Advertised vacancies through flyers in universities and schools.
• Prepared the agreements and discussed the terms with the residents.
• Explained in detail the rules and polices inside the apartment to avoid any misunderstanding that can lead to the tenants violating the policies.
• Responded to tenant's complains and issues and ensured that each one is given proper attention.

Apartment Supervisor, December 2007-May 2009
DGF, Binghamton, NY


• Accompanied potential tenants to vacant rooms and showed them the apartment's amenities.
• Ensured that the residents pay their dues on time.
• Discussed with the residents the do's and don’ts inside the apartment including their rights.
• Reviewed the bills and advance payments of the tenants.
• Solved problems and unexpected situations occurring in the apartment premises.


Master’s Degree in Business Administration
St. Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona, MN

Bachelor Degree in Management
St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO