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FBI Agent Resume

James Bargo
1653 Oral Lake Road
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Career Objective: My objective is to enforce the country's laws and regulations and protect the country from possible terrorist attacks. My strong skills in self-defense, sound judgment and dexterity in suing defense weapons will be very helpful in meeting this objective.


Smart and intelligent agent
Sound judgment
Ability to make quick decisions
Skilled in self-defense
Dexterous in guns and other weapons

Work Experience:

FBI Agent, July 2009-Present
AML, Rudolph, WI


Interviewed witnesses to the crime.
Worked as undercover agent to solve the numerous killings in the tenth avenue.
Arrested criminals and use force as needed.
Interrogated suspects and enforced the use of torture to extract information especially if it involved life threatening situation.
Collaborated with local officials in solving a crime.
Studied the evidence and connected these pieces to solve crimes.

Intelligence Officer, December 2007-May 2009
DGF, West Nyack, NY


Participated in the investigation of airline hijackings.
Spearheaded the investigation of the Five Star Hotel bombings.
Solved cases involving federal violations.
Conducted 12-hour surveillance in the airport.
Monitored wiretapping activities.


Degree in Law
Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

Bachelor Degree in Criminology
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA