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HVAC Technician Resume

Mark Petersen
2103 Del Dew Drive
Hyattsville, MD 20783

Career Objective: Certified HVAC Technician seeking to join an industrial firm and contribute to the smooth and continuous operations of the company. My goal is to ensure that the daily operations of the company run without a glitch by regularly conducting check-up, monitoring and troubleshooting on all HVAC equipments.


Ability to lift heavy objects
Excellent balancing skills
Highly equipped in troubleshooting HVAC equipments
Excellent skills in data interpretation
With Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification
Experienced in working in extreme temperature and hazardous conditions

Work Experience:

HVAC Technician II, July 2009-Present
AML, New Haven, CT


Directed the start and stop time of Hydronic & heat pump systems.
Analyzed the electrical system and evaluated its performance.
Reported to the management malfunctioning problems so these can readily be fixed.
Identified HVAC equipments that need to be replaced.
Conducted preventative maintenance on compressors, water systems, and other HVAC equipments.

HVAC Technician I, December 2007-May 2009
DGF, Hueytown, AL


Repaired water heaters, air conditioners, and refrigerators.
Evaluated the efficacy of HVAC accessories.
Conducted troubleshooting on residential and commercial HVAC equipments.
Interpreted system designs to non-technical staff.
Monitored performance of boiler machines in the Production Department.
Ascertained that the products undergone QC procedures.


Bachelor Degree in HVAC Engineering
St. John's University, Queens, NY